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Winners of the

A Show of Many Colors

Jurors Choice     

Camille Rosano          

Roof Tops

First Place    

Trish Kahn          

Cold Shoulder

Second Place   

Ellen Postrel     

The Tarot Reader

Third Place     

Lynn Holland      

Still Life With Kimona

Honorable Mention   

Terry Pesso   

View From the Dining Room Table

Honorable Mention   

Nadine Saitlin     

Out of the Sketch Book

The still life is such a common subject that when an artist can successfully add their own mark and interpretation, it is worth noting. This scene left me curious as to where this table might be, who it belongs to, and what is through the doorway. It feels dynamic and fresh and the bold color choices bring it to life. I enjoyed looking at the many details and layers of the medium.

This work stood out for it's uniqueness in style and subject matter. The contrasting color and limited color palette create a harshness that really works. The shapes are vibrating off of each other. It feels almost computer generated with the very clean lines and flat tones. I spent a lot of time noticing each detail.

This piece showcases well the medium of watercolor and the many ways it can be applied. This multi-dimensional work led my eye up and down the paper and back again, in order to take note of all of the details. It feels like the objects are in motion, especially with no distinct foreground, middle-ground, or background. The choice to show variation in scale throughout the work adds to the movement element, as if they are pushing and pulling back and forward on the paper.

This work is a great example of a piece that is small but mighty. It captures the essence of the figure, and has the unfinished yet not undone quality that can be tricky to accomplish successfully. The composition is intriguing with the choice to include openness beside the figure. Their gaze leading us off the paper. I enjoy the choice of the limited color palette which emphasizes the shadows. This was a work that had me looking at it for an extended time period of time.

Landscape as subject matter has been around for centuries, popular to both creator and viewer. This artist created an environment that feels otherworldly, contemporary, and not quite like any I have seen recently. The acidic tones of green and the violet are captivating. I felt transported, calmed, but also left questioning. The many thin layers of paint feel intentional but also rushed, as if the place were going to disappear soon if the artist didn't capture it fast enough. This work caused the biggest reaction for me, stopping me in my tracks. It is a fresh take on such a classic subject.

This piece stands out to me as I recognized artists I enjoy such as Charles Sheeler, Oscar Bluemner, and the use of color similar to Georgia O'Keeffe. While these references are historical, this work feels fresh and contemporary. It has a way of being both of light and dark, leading to the question - is it day? Is in night? Without seeing the title I enjoy the mystery, and the way it transports the viewer. It feels like it could be anywhere, but that is the magic of it.

It was a privilege to spend time with the great number of works included in the inaugural Exhibition of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society at this location. "A Show of Many Colors" is that indeed. With such an extensive group of artists, it can be a challenge to compare and contrast one to the other, with so many that stand out. As a whole, the exhibition is dynamic and intriguing from one piece to the next. Viewers should enjoy exploring this show as I did. What a wonderful way to activate the corridor at BRiC, and look forward to future experiences.

Grace Gdaniec

Manager/Curator Arts Warehouse Delray Beach