Palm Beach Watercolor Society members have the opportunity to have a portfolio page on our website to showcase their work. And, if you already have your own, the page will be linked to your existing website and FACEBOOK page if you have one.

The procedure is as follows:
Send a $50 check for the year to the address given below made out to Palm Beach Watercolor Society.
( The cost for renewal will be at a reduced rate.) This entitles you to post a bio and/or artist statement, your picture if you choose, and up to 6 photos of your artwork, which can be changed up to 3 times a year ).

            Send check to:    F. Presno ,   P.O. Box 5906 ,    Lake Worth, FL.    33466
Please send the digital photos and text by email to . Digital photos can be in the following formats: jpeg, jpg, PSD, tiff, bmp, PNG or gif. The higher resolution and size preferred, ( 300 dpi ) I will resample them later. Give your choice of color and font if you have any preferences for background and titles. You can send the info to our webmaster at anytime but the page will not be posted until the payment is received.


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Adrienne Walker

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