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Carol Z. Brody NWS


Watecolor     30 x 22

Woods at Sunset

Watercolor      22 x 30

Artist  Statement

“My paintings reflect my love of color and my fascination with texture, and are often tied to some aspect of the real world. They begin as a flow of feelings, intuition and spirit. Rather than carefully controlling my paintings, I allow them to grow and emerge, suggesting their forms, which I develop by means of many layers of glazes.

Through my work, I try to delight the viewers' senses and bring them joy. Many remark about the beautiful colors and tell me they love the softness and emotional quality in my work.It pleases me to know I have reached them.”

Carol Z. Brody NWS

Carol is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Florida Watercolor Society and Palm Beach Watercolor Society. Her award-winning works have been published in "Splash 11,"  "The Artistic Touch 4," "Journeys to Abstraction," and "The Best of Acrylic Painting." They have been featured in "Watercolor Artist" Magazine: Creativity Workshop, Feb. 2012, and in "Watercolor" Magazine, Spring 2004 and Fall 1990. Her work has been included in over 120 national juried shows, and most recently in Shenzhen, China, and has earned her over 60 awards, including 5 First Place awards. Carol is a dynamic and inspiring teacher who gives classes, workshops and demonstrations and serves as a show  juror around the country.

Carol Z. Brody Workshops:

Feb. 8, 9 and 10

"Expanding Your Watercolor Approaches"
Intermediate Level Cost: $ 135

Boca Raton

March 15 and 16

"Watercolor Loose and Free"
Intermediate Level Elliott Museum,