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Mixed media,  $650.00

Oil on canvas  $950.00

Adrienne Walker is from Valley Stream Long Island, New York. Music and art were an integral part of growing up with a mother who was an artist. Together, they were always drawing, painting and sculpting. During her years studying music and art at Adelphi and Harvard University’s and the years raising a family, she gave private piano lessons to children and adults. Fifteen years ago, mixed media became the focus of her attention.
For many years, Adrienne sculpted in stone and clay at the Sculpture studios of Frank Varga, in Delray Beach, Fl and Carrarra, Italy. She then continued to sculpt at the Willy Reed Studio in Boca Raton, Florida. Her paintings and sculptures are in many homes throughout the country. Adrienne is a board member and Treasurer of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society.


Oil,   $1200.00