The Boynton Beach City Library Winners

November 14, 2017 to January 4, 2017

Juried by The Boynton Council of the Arts

First Place

Pelican Reflections

by Marilyn Johansen

 Second Place

 A Little Bit of Heaven

 by Marilyn Liedman

 Third Place

 Flamingo Reflection

by Patti Resso

Special Recognition

 Break Time

by Tamara Seymour

Honorable Mention

 Hiwanari ll

 by Jorge Leon

Honorable Mention

Orchids in a Wooden Basket

 by Mireille Doyon

palm beach watercolor society


150 Crawford Blvd Boca Raton


November 30 - December 29 2017


Hello all… I am both honored and grateful to be considered for such an important part of your current exhibition at the Boca Raton Community Center. I have the utmost respect for the watercolor artist… it is an unforgiving medium that requires great forethought and planning… more than I personally have the patience for. I thank you all for being artists and for sharing your visions with the local community. We as artists have a great responsibility to bring culture and beauty to our worlds. I chose carefully each piece that has received an award here today … 1st Place … I was impressed with the rendering of the glass, when up close you can see the assemblage, from a short distance away it comes together as rendered perfectly... 2nd Place… I was caught by the simplicity of the design and the use of free space was pleasing… 3rd Place was just technically magnificent. I would encourage you all to keep creating and growing in your craft and I hope to see your works again in the future.


Stephen Lombardi


The Artist Guild

First Place

by Thomas Rebek

Crystal Apple

Second Place

by Wendy Jones


 Third Place

 by Jorge Leon


Special Recognition

by Regina Lerman

Brooklyn EL

Honorable Mention

by Bob Barfknecht

Villa Mizner

 Honorable Mention

by Adeline Hecht Mizner


 Honorable Mention

by Adrienne Walker

 Dancing Flowers