Gustave Wander

Gustave Wander was interested in drawing as a child. At age ten, he saw a DRAW ME contest on the back of a pack of matches. The drawing he submitted for evaluation won a prize of $100 to be put toward a correspondence course. This was the beginning of his career as an artist and prize winner. Although Gustav earned a living as a photo engraver his passion was to draw and paint. An artist he met in New York, Ferdinand Petrie became his teacher and mentor. Over the years he studied with over twenty eight different watercolor teachers. Gustave teaches watercolor at the JCC in Boca Raton and at Old School Square in Delray Beach.

He considers himself a realist, but his depictions of light and shadows are a major source of focus and inspiration in his work. The play of light, whether in his buildings,porches, or just musicians provide depth and movement to his creations. Where sunlight and shadows fall on his paintings are just as important as the individual subject matter. Light's elusive qualities issue a further invitation to join into the spirit of his paintings His paintings are highlighted, glimpsed moments of time that could be gone forever if one looks away for an instant.

He loves his life as an artist!

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