Juror’s Statement:

I was honored to have the opportunity to jury the Palm Beach Watercolor exhibition. Understanding how difficult it is to put yourself out there, every artist needs to realize each is a winner for competing.

I walked the show many times allowing all the work to speak to me with that strong emotional response. I was looking for impact, the wow factor. I wanted consistency, knowing that the artist showed up and stayed to the completion of the painting.

The variety submitted made it difficult to choose as all were interesting. Giving awards is very subjective and is only one persons' opinion, That is why, as an artist, follow your heart, listen to your own voice and please yourself. It is about the journey and the vision, so take that time to create and express yourself.

Teresa Kirk, ACT, FWS, KWS, SW, GCW

Sugar Sand Park Exhibit 2017

We are pleased to have had

Sue Archer as our juror for this lovely

art exhibit. 9/17 to 11/19

Committee, Candy Dennis, Flora Zolin, Jan Smalarz

Spec Rec, Carol Anne Thaw Hanging, Lenny Holland

1st- Camille Rosano                     2nd- Genia Howard                                   3rd- Lynn Holland
    Isabel’s Mad!                             Sunday’s Serenity                                     The Red Room

HM Caryn Kabat

Our Rose                        HM Bob Barfknecht Breezy Morning

HM Tammy Seymour Meglopou



Adrienne Walker & Lynn Holland giving awards to (from left) Su Phelan, Jackie Lyles and Jane McIntyre

1st place, “Focus”,  Carolyn Ordower

2nd Place “Leda & the Swan”

 Saundra Newman

3rd Place “A Team”

Jackie Lyles

Juror’s Choice “Celebration”

Louise Loranger

Jane McIntyre “Enigma” HM

Judy Nunno “Going Green” HM

Su Phelan, “The Enchanted Forest “

HM Emerging Artist

HM- “Moon Magic” by Donna Fuller